Tootsie (1982) – Classic Movie Review:


Here’s my YouTube Video and Classic Movie Review of the film Tootsie: starring Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Terry Garr, Dabney Coleman, Bill Murray, Charles Durning, and introducing Geena Davis. Directed by Sydney Pollack. This is considered by AFI as one of the TOP 100 FILMS OF ALL TIME!

Tootsie (1982) is a romantic comedic that tells the story of Michael Dorsey.  He is a talented, struggling, volatile New York actor who dresses as a woman to get the paying gig of a lifetime and then falls madly in love with his costar, Julie, while playing a woman who is really a man.

My name is Dorothy.  Not Tootsie or Toots or Sweetie, or Honey, or Dot…No, just Dorothy.  Capital D-O-R-O-T-H-Y.  Dorothy.  -Michael Dorsey as Dorothy Michaels, Tootsie

Watch this classic trailer here:

Thank you AFI for the Incredible 100 Years, 100 Movies List! Check it here:


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