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Fatal Attraction (1987) – Classic Movie Review

Fatal Attraction (1987) – Classic Movie Review:


Here’s my Classic Movie Review of the film Fatal Attraction: starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer. Directed by Adrian Lyne. This is considered by AFI as one of the most THRILLING FILMS OF ALL TIME!

Fatal Attraction (1987) is a psychological thriller about a happily married family man, Dan Gallagher, who has a casual weekend affair with a provocative woman named Alex that he meets at work.  Dan has his fun with Alex, but decides that he should end it and return to his regular life. Unfortunately for him, Alex does not agree and becomes increasingly obsessed with Dan as she unravels and loses all control.  She decides that if she cannot have him, no one will.

I’m not going to be ignored Dan. – Alex Forrest, Fatal Attraction

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